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Belgrove Blog - Update 2

The restoration begins here at Belgrove Place, which must first be stripped back to its 19th century roots, starting with the safe demolition of the old pharmacy...



Belgrove Blog - Update 3

We interview David Stockwell, Belgrove Places resident joinery expert, about his work here at Belgrove Place...


Belgrove Blog - Update 4

Here at Belgrove, phase one is almost complete. The first of these luxury homes are getting their finishing touches....



Belgrove Blog - Update 5

Things are moving forward here at Belgrove Place.The demolition phase of this part of the project is now over....


Belgrove Blog - Update 6

The first of our new homes has been provisionally assessed for its energy efficiency, and its great news....



Belgrove Blog - Update 7

This week we have begun the restoration of the brickwork throughout phase three...


Belgrove Blog - Update 8

The Phase 1 show home is now ready, viewings can now taken by appointment.



Belgrove Blog - Update 9

After one year, Phase One of Belgrove Place is now complete...

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Belgrove Blog - Update 10

A deeper look into the level of detail our highly experienced brick pointer goes to.

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