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Belgrove Blog - Update 10

A deeper look into the level of detail our highly experienced brick pointer goes to.

As you may imagine the reinstatement of a previously bricked up window and the repointing this entire is a very time consuming and expensive process. Yet the health of the brick mortar is about more than just it’s appearance.


Our highly experienced brick pointer tells us:
“Although the process is very time consuming, proper brickwork maintenance helps ensure the structural integrity of the property. Should you ever notice falling mortar, cracks or decaying joints, you’ll need to address them immediately. Repointing fixes these problems, ensuring that the strength and stability of the wall is redeemed.”

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If unfortunately the mortar becomes compromised the seal that protects the property can fail. When this happens, water will start to seep into the brickwork and may lead to damp issues.
Throughout our development, where this could be the case, our professional repointer hes repaired this damp proof layer.

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 Poorly pointed brickwork and crumbling mortar would impact on the overall aesthetics of the development. We think that you would agree that all of the additional hours spent reinstating the window and restoring these walls has been well worth the effort.

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